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Doc Grey Conjure is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with The Raven's Wing Magical Co-Op, a queer-owned and -operated metaphysical shop located in Portland, Oregon.


For over a decade, Grey has provided in-person advice, magical assistance, and readings, as well as managing production for all of the store's in-house magical products. By joining together, we are pleased to offer an expanding line of Doc Grey Conjure products sold exclusively through The Raven's Wing store and its website.

To purchase spell candles and other Doc Grey products, please visit The Raven's Wing Magical Co-Op.


Candles have become one of the most popular items used in spell work for one's self, or on the behalf of others. With bright, colorful labels on the front, and a smaller label with simple spell instructions on the back, each of these Doc Grey Spell Candles have been designed to help you focus your magical intention to receive the results that you desire.

Although these candles do not come "dressed" with herbs or oils, each one is prayed over and charged with the intent the candle is being made for. All you need to do is add your own herbs (just a pinch will do) and a few drops of one or more Doc Grey Conjure Oils, state your intention loudly and clearly, light the wick and make magic happen!


These tall glass jar paraffin wax candles burn for approximately 120 hours if burned straight through. Please burn responsibly, and never leave a burning candle unattended!


Evil Eye Protection

Are you experiencing a strange run of bad luck, missed connections, ill health, or out-of-the-ordinary misfortune? You could be an unwitting victim of the Evil Eye.


Maybe it was sent your way by accident - or maybe on purpose, by someone jealous or envious of you.


An Evil Eye Protection candle will halt these mishaps and protect you from further harm.

120-hour glass jar candle with blue paraffin wax


Home Sweet Home

Your home should be your refuge and sanctuary, the place where you feel safest and at your best.


Whether you are looking for a new home, or trying to bring peace and serenity into the one you already have, now is the time to bless yourself with a Home Sweet Home.



120-hour glass jar candle with orange paraffin wax




Everybody could use some extra money in their lives.


Having a little more in your paycheck, an extra cushion in your savings account, or better cash flow and bigger profit in your business can go a long way in enabling you to confidently lead a life of Prosperity.



120-hour glass jar candle with green paraffin wax


Psychic Vision

When working to open your Third Eye, increase your intuition, perform divination, draw wisdom from your dreams, or enhance your meditation practice, you must strengthen tour awareness and connection to the hidden realms.


May the light of this candle help you to increase your Psychic Vision.

120-hour glass jar candle with purple paraffin wax


Return To Sender

Even the best of us sometimes end up as a target of other people’s negative thoughts or harmful projections.


If someone is purposely directing their negativity your way, it’s time to let them have it all back.


A candle that reverses the flow of bad vibes can serve as your ultimate Return to Sender. 

120-hour glass jar candle with
red paraffin wax


Shield of Protection

The world can definitely be a bit frightening at times.


Events or circumstances in our lives may make us feel vulnerable, nervous, off-kilter, or out-of-sorts.


That’s our time to raise the Shield of Protection. Defenses up!

120-hour glass jar candle with
red paraffin wax


Road Opener

Can’t seem to get where you want to go? Why won’t the things you’re working for show up when you need them? Maybe something’s blocking your path, and you just need to move it out of there.


Clear the way, and give yourself a fresh start with a Road Opener candle!


120-hour glass jar candle with yellow paraffin wax


Spiritual Healing

The energetic residue from past traumas, break-ups, illnesses, or losses of friends or family can cause us to experience both emotional and physical suffering.


Focus your intention on relief and recovery, whether yours or a loved one’s, with the light of Spiritual Healing.

120-hour glass jar candle with white paraffin wax


Steady Work

You have all the skills and talents you need to thrive in the workplace. Now it’s time to get out there and score your perfect job.


Earn money for doing something you love, by tapping into the magic of Steady Work.


120-hour glass jar candle with green paraffin wax



Do you know you’re capable of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to? The first step is believing you can succeed.


If you want to boost your confidence and determination, wear this crown of Success when you’re out in the world. They’ll see you brimming over with your best, and they’ll take notice! 


120-hour glass jar candle with yellow paraffin wax


True Love

You know the perfect person for you is out there, but can’t seem to find them? Or perhaps you have met “the One” and are looking for a way to deepen the relationship or take it to the next level.


The truest love begins from within. When you realize you deserve your True Love, you’re far better at attracting it to you.

120-hour glass jar candle with pink paraffin wax



What does it mean to be “crossed”? Nothing works out, bad omens follow you everywhere, all kinds of things suddenly fall apart.


Did someone else wish nastiness on you, or did you fall into your own self-sabotaging traps again?


No matter the case, you can effectively flip the script with an Uncrossing!

120-hour glass jar candle with black paraffin wax

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