celebrate LOVE!


Since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, LGBTQ people from all over the world observe and celebrate Pride Month every June. We gather to honor the history of the Gay Rights Movement, to fight for our civil rights, to increase our visibility, and to rejoice in the freedom to be who we are openly and proudly.

Finding love in today's world can be difficult, but often more so for LGBTQ people. These spell candles were designed to help attract the same-sex (or opposite sex) love you deserve in your life. Equal love for all!

Love is Love

Lesbian Lovers Spell Candle
Gay Lovers Spell Candle
Lovers Spell Candle - Bisexual
Lovers Spell Candle - Transgender

Remember and Support

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Poets, artists, activists, friends, and lovers – the Queer Ancestors helped pave the way for who we are and who we want to be today. Honor their lives and their legacy with this candle, let them know they are not forgotten and we carry on in their names. Although gone from this world, they do not simply rest in peace - They Rise In Power!