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Conjure oils

Doc Grey Conjure is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with The Raven's Wing Magical Co-Op, a queer-owned and -operated metaphysical shop located in Portland, Oregon.


For over a decade, Grey has provided in-person advice, magical assistance, and readings, as well as managing production for all of the store's in-house magical products. By joining together, we are pleased to offer an expanding line of Doc Grey Conjure products sold exclusively through The Raven's Wing store and its website.

To purchase conjure oils and other Doc Grey products, please visit The Raven's Wing Magical Co-Op.


All Doc Grey Conjure oils are handmade in small batches using time-tested traditional methods. Each half-ounce bottle is filled with a mix of specially selected herbs, roots, and/or minerals, along with a high-quality oil blend that aligns with the intention of each oil, in a skin-safe carrier oil . These Conjure Oils can be used singly, or in combination with each other to help intensify their affect in all of your magical workings.

Use to "dress" your favorite spell candle, as a personal scent, to anoint magical objects, or add a little bit to a spiritual bath whenever the need arises! May they bring you the results you truly desire!

As part of our combined commitment to help support and uplift the Black community, Doc Grey Conjure and The Raven's Wing will be donating a portion of every sale of Doc Grey Conjure Oils to Southerners on New Ground, a Black-led organization that builds community and works for access for LGBTQ+ people of color across the Southern United States.



For those times when you need to bring in that ever elusive “something” that will help you gain your wants and needs.

1/2 oz. bottle



This beneficial blend can help bring the peace, calm, and favorable assistance that may be needed for yourself or others.

1/2 oz. bottle


Cleo May

A classic old perfume oil that has been known to gain attention from others, and bring paying clients to your endeavors.

1/2 oz. bottle


Court Case

When you need to get the law on your side in a legal matter, or to attract the right kind of help when facing a court case.

1/2 oz. bottle


Cut and Clear

Useful after a break-up or the end of a bad situation to remove old feelings and open the way for better things to come your way.

1/2 oz. bottle


Easy Money

Helps attract quick and easy cash flow for those times when you really need it. Get that money moving your way fast!

1/2 oz. bottle


Fast Luck

An old traditional blend used for those times when you need a fresh infusion of good luck quickly in your life.

1/2 oz. bottle


High John

He overcame any blocks and obstacles that were in his way, and was always the victor in anything he set out to do. You can too!

1/2 oz. bottle


Home Sweet Home

Helpful when looking for a new place to call home, or to bring peace and uplift the energies in the place you call home now.

1/2 oz. bottle


Hot Foot

They need to go! This oil is like putting a fire under their feet so they can’t stand still and get moving away from you and yours.

1/2 oz. bottle


Look Me Over

Get yourself noticed! This blend helps you get the attention you want, so that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

1/2 oz. bottle



Ongoing financial security and abundance is your right. Bring it forth and let it grow bigger so you can have all you need.

1/2 oz. bottle


Psychic Vision

Open up those psychic gifts. Use this oil when doing readings, expanding your dreams, and getting messages from beyond.

1/2 oz. bottle


Rainbow Love

A unique love formula for those
in the LGBTQ community that
can help attract a love that is lasting and true.

1/2 oz. bottle


Return To Me

Bring back that lover that has strayed. This oil can also help renew a strong love connection to the way that it once was.

1/2 oz. bottle


Return To Sender

Also known as Reversing, this blend helps to send negativity back to where it came from.


You don’t want it, send it back!

1/2 oz. bottle


​Road Opener

Whenever you feel like all the roads to your success are blocked or running slowly, this blend will help things to get moving again.

1/2 oz. bottle


Shield of Protection

There are times when there is just too much out there pressing in on us.


Keep protected from anything (or anyone) meaning harm.

1/2 oz. bottle


Spiritual Healing

Trauma, grief, or illness can cause both emotional and physical pain.


Focus your intent on the recovery
of yourself or a loved one.

1/2 oz. bottle


Steady Work

You have all the skills and talents that you need, now it is time to get out in the world and get your perfect job and the work you love.

1/2 oz. bottle



It is time to go out into the world and show off your best and most confident self. You are capable of accomplishing anything.

1/2 oz. bottle


True Love

Helps attract the perfect person that you’ve been waiting for, or can deepen the love in a relationship that you already have.

1/2 oz. bottle



For those times when nothing is working out, bad luck seems to follow you, or someone sent something nasty your way.

1/2 oz. bottle


Van Van

This classic old-style formula is used when one needs to reverse bad luck and bring on more positive good luck. 

1/2 oz. bottle



Doc Grey Conjure is now offering products for wholesale through Faire!

We have just opened for wholesale with some of our small-batch, hand-made magical products on Faire,
your one-stop shop for wholesale where you can shop over 100,000 independent brands, all in one place.

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