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reviews and testimonials

"Doc Grey is one of the most selfless and kindhearted people. He has vast knowledge even past the magical realm."

– L.L.

"I know Doc Grey to be a talented and passionate Conjure worker, in addition to being an adept craftsman and graphic artist."

– C.B.

"Grey has been working and studying for years and is very modest about his knowledge and skills, but the truth is that he knows his craft. He puts heart and spirit into all of the art, and items that he creates. His insights and advice is grounded in real life experience as well as the spiritual. I am excited and so proud to see his work becoming more available!"

– B.S.R.

"Inspirational. A true beacon of light in my life - the insights are uncannily heartfelt, honest and real."

– T.G.

"A kind, loving, and gifted human being. An awesome rootworker and spiritual person."

– V.G.

"One of the most helpful and insightful people I know. And one hell of a graphic artist. Love these labels!"

– C.J.

"Doc Grey is an exceptionally talented intuitive, medium, creator of magical goods and rootworker. I've watched this man work intensely for hours on end making the best incense, oils and Mojo bags ever. He is a rock solid intuitive. His Steady Work candle helped my client find employment in 3 days! Highly recommended!"

– S.B.

"Brilliant readings and thorough, informed rootwork. A+!!!"

– R.R.

"Not only an excellent worker but also an excellent artist. His candles are both beautiful and functional, a treat for the eye and the spirit. He is an upstanding man and good friend."

– C.P.

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