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About Doc grey


I have always thought of myself as a magical person. From early days growing up in the 1970s, I was always attracted to things beyond the world we can easily observe. Any time I could figure out a way to purchase a book on magical practices without my parents’ knowledge, I did. Hidden away were small paperbacks on palmistry, astrology, and I Ching, tiny grocery-store mini-books on magic and spell-casting, and how-to books on ESP and psychic activation. True magic was all around us, and I wanted to find out all I could.

While in elementary school, probably the fifth grade or so, I managed to save up my tiny allowance over weeks and weeks so I could purchase my very first tarot deck from a local bookstore that had a small metaphysical selection. I just "knew" I was supposed to be a Fortune Teller, and tried to read my classmates’ future in the lunchroom. I was an ambitious 11 or 12 year old, to be sure.

Over the years, my interest in magic never really waned. Even when life got more complicated and the distractions of the teen years intervened, I still held on to my magic – although, at times, perhaps not as strongly as I should have.

As an adult, my interest got a lot more serious. I sought out and found several like-minded friends, teachers, and a mentor or two who opened new doors to spirituality and magical ways of thinking. Over time I learned a great deal, with lessons hard won and ways of thinking that serve me well today. I learned, and I grew.

I'd been practicing various eclectic forms of magic for a number of years, when quite by accident (or divine providence) I discovered the practices and traditions of Hoodoo and Rootwork. It was almost like coming home. Here was a folk magic practice that simply made sense to me. Many of my existing practices seemed stale or stagnant, but this was a practice that felt alive, empowering, and needed - not only for myself, but as a tool I could use to help others. I couldn’t help but to dive in.

I started my studies, once again searched out and found amazing peers and teachers. I loved being taught how to understand the plants and roots between my fingers, and to get my hands dirty blending baths, teas, and herbal powders. I was often surprised, when told of a spell or magical use for an object, that I somehow already knew the information. It was like opening a door to things I've always known, but had somehow forgotten.

A number of years ago, at the encouragement of my husband and a few close friends, I decided to share some of what I'd learned, and to start making products to help empower other people’s magic and intention. I want others to see the magic within themselves, and to not just overcome their problems, but to thrive and prosper on the other side of those problems. Magic can be used by anyone. Sometimes, they just need the tools, the knowledge, and the encouragement to make it happen.

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Doc Grey Conjure is now offering products for wholesale through Faire!

We have just opened for wholesale with some of our small-batch, hand-made magical products on Faire, your one-stop shop for wholesale where you can shop over 100,000 independent brands, all in one place.

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