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Washes and waters

Doc Grey Conjure is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with The Raven's Wing Magical Co-Op, a queer-owned and -operated metaphysical shop located in Portland, Oregon.


For over a decade, Grey has provided in-person advice, magical assistance, and readings, as well as managing production for all of the store's in-house magical products. By joining together, we are pleased to offer an expanding line of Doc Grey Conjure products sold exclusively through The Raven's Wing store and its website.

To purchase Doc Grey products, please visit The Raven's Wing Magical Co-Op.

All Doc Grey Conjure washes and waters are handmade in small batches using time-tested traditional methods.


Each four ounce bottle is filled with high-quality materials and crafted using time-honored recipes and formulations. These products can be used singly, or in combination with each other to help intensify their affect in your magical workings.


This small batch prepared cologne spray is based on a recipe found in a book of formulations for general stores and druggists printed in the late 1880s.


No fragrance oils, just good clean essential oils in a base of perfumer’s alcohol and distilled water – it just smells so clean, yet also familiar to those you may have used before. ⁠


2 fl.oz. in a glass spray top bottle.

For external use only.


This hot and spicy blend of vinegar and potent spices helps protect and guard against those who might try to do you harm or cause trouble in your life.

  • Sprinkle liberally around the border of your property or across doorways to help keep intruders away.

  • Add a dash to a floor wash when cleaning to help rid yourself of any negative energies that have built up in your home.

  • To banish or keep away a specific person from you and your property, soak a photo of them or a piece or paper with their name in Four Thieves Vinegar and bury it near your front door.

4 fl.oz. in Glass Bottle

For external use only – keep away from children and pets.


This classic old-time cleansing blend can help rid your space of negative or bad intentions and to bring good luck, abundance, and prosperity to your home.

  • Add a couple tablespoons of Good Luck Floor Wash to a gallon of water and wash your floors from the back of the home to the front door. Dispose of any leftover water outside your home.

  • Remember to wash the front door, the door frame, and the entrance outside your front door!

  • Wash your altar spaces with a small amount diluted in water to help cleanse and purify between workings or just to add a wonderful scent.

4 fl.oz. in Glass Bottle

For external use only.


This wonderful sweet smelling floral water is used in many traditions to help dispel heavy and negative energies from your space, purify the spirit, and as an offering on ancestral altars.

  • Add a small dash to a spiritual bath to help alleviate bad moods, to add protection, and for spiritual guidance.

  • Place a small bowl of Kananga Water on an ancestral altar as an offering when seeking spiritual guidance, to receive messages, or gain support.

  • Add a small amount to clean water and wipe down your altar to help cleanse from negative influences and bring in balance and protection.

4 fl.oz. in Glass Bottle

For external use only.


This special blend helps to soothe the spirit, replace tension and anger with harmony, and bring blessings to self and home.

  • Shake well and add a few tablespoons to a gallon of water to wash your floors to prevent hostility or anger and help bring harmony and blessings to your home.

  • Add a dash of Peace Water to your water when taking a spiritual bath to release tension and feel more at peace.

  • Place the bottle beside or underneath your bed to help prevent bad dreams and nightmares. Put the bottle on your work desk to help alleviate stress.

4 fl.oz. in Glass Bottle

For external use only.


The delightful floral scent of fresh roses can help in spells to increase self-love, attract romantic love and friendships, and bring in more love in general. It can also help to bring peace and calm to stressful situations.

  • Pour a dash of Rose Water in a bath to help bring forth your most complete loving self.

  • Dab a bit on your pulse points before going out to help attract a loving and romantic partner.

  • Annoint yourself, your candles, or your tools when doing spells for love or peace, or pour in a small bowl as an offering on your love altar.

4 fl.oz. in Glass Bottle

For external use only.

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